6. Support your mahi (Whai whakaaro)


These reflective questions may support your role in whai whakaaro by focusing conversations on:

  • evidence of progress
  • gathering perspectives
  • how the team has worked together
  • new learning that can be taken into mana motuhake

Reflecting on progress:

  • How will we gather and share progress and outcomes data?
  • How can we ensure are a range of perspectives are included in our conversations on progress?
  • How can we keep conversations about progress and challenges mana-enhancing for ākonga, whānau and kaiako?
  • What connections can we make between progress and the actions of kaiako, whānau, support staff and other adults? What might we keep doing?
  • Looking back at the plan – what has contributed to progressing towards the identified goals. What might have got in the way?
  • How can we use our reflections to plan for next steps?


Reflecting on collaboration:

  • How would we describe our partnership in this work?
  • How might our ways of working together contributed to progress? Communication, roles, balance of power?
  • How have we celebrated successes?
  • How have we managed challenges or setback?
  • What have we learned from our time together that we would want to do again?
  • What might we do differently next time to build on and strengthen teamwork?

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