7. Support your mahi (Mana motuhake)


Teams can feel empowered where a culture of learning is valued and they have been supported to develop relevant confidence, knowledge, skills and experiences. Empowerment is promoted when collective expertise and responsibility is shared, and teams or individuals feel able to lead and make decisions for themselves, based on their learning.

Reflective questions:

  • How well have we acknowledged the team’s contributions and encouraged empowerment?
  • How do team members talk about their learning during our work together and the implications for the future?
  • How confident are we that progress will be sustained? What else might be needed?
  • How confident are we that the team can use the knowledge, skills, tools, and strategies that have been developed to inform and strengthen future responses?
  • Check in with ākonga, whānau and kaiako about what will help to further their work together?
  • How have we celebrated the shifts toward self-determination?

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Ngā kupu whakamutunga ki ngā ākonga


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