Mā whero, mā pango ka oti ai te mahi 

With red and black the work will be complete


During whakamahi teams are putting plans into action. Key to whakamahi is collaboration so it will be important to look at how your role can best support kaiako and other members of the team in this mahi.

The role LSC may take in whakamahi will be varied. It may include:

  • coordinating internal and external supports
  • facilitating meetings where new plans are developed or existing plans are adjusted in light of new information
  • implementing part of the plan in a classroom, school or across a cluster
  • taking a coaching role to help scaffold new learning with kaiako
  • observations and feedback

Plans often incorporate new learning and change for team members. Your role in whakamahi may play an important part in enabling the success of the plan and ensuring the mana of kaiako, whānau and ākonga is upheld.

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